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Nilgiri Mountains at Bandarban, Bangladesh

Nilgiri Mountains at Bandarban, Bangladesh

Nov 12th 2020Bandarban, Bangladesh

If you want to fulfill the desire to touch the cloud; have a tour to Bandarban's Nilgiri.  When you go to Nilgiri, the cloud will come to your hands. The blue sky roams above the head; the white cloud is playing the white clouds in the mountains of Nilgiri. This blue brance of such beauty is this Nilgiri. Bandarban is called Darjeeling to Bandarban due to Nilgiri. For those who like Adventurers, the night's Nilgiri may be the best place. On the way to Nilgiri, you can see Bandarban's beautiful rocks. Here the indigenous Bam young people will welcome you. You can buy indigenous people's hand-made products from here. Nilgiri's position on the top of the mountain from the district headquarters only 45 kilometers away. Nilgiri  is a unique donation of nature. This is the second highest hill of Nilgiri from the top of the country's second highest hill Kekrudong, Natural War Bogleec, Cox's Bagalake, Chittagong Sea Port's light-dark lamp and eye-looking mountain rows are also found. Several Mro tribal villages are near Nilgiri. Nilgiri is a cosmic lay; you can easily visit Mro indigenous people. In Nilgiri, there isa camp of Bangladesh Army. As a result there is no the shortage of security here. In the remote hill, The Sky is built in the Nilgiri Tourism Center, with all the facilities for tourists named as Sky Naila, Meghastrap, Nilatana. The cottage is available for the night. Here is a sophisticated restaurant. After reaching hilly path, the intended meals can be eaten in the restaurant. It is better to go toNilgiriin two seasons;  the winter and rainy season, there is a lot more joy in the trip here. However, there is more fun when traveling in the rainy season. Because, at this time the clouds can be seen in the cloud dance.

Driver for Chander's vehicle - (5 seat land cruiser driver). Through this driver (Nilgiri + Chimpook + Temple + Gold Temple) can see these four sites only at Tk 2800. If you want to cooperate with the local driver bondage. Fixed-small jeep (5 seat) scheduled by the rented army (5 seat) Tk 2300 and big jeep (8 seat) 2800 taka. Ticket prices are going to travel to Tourists to take 100 taka for tourists and 300 taka for the car. Where there are six cottage in the cinematic Nilgiri resort. The names are airspace, Meghradhash, Nilingna, HercarRahacha and Marmarali. To stay in the cottage, tourists will have to count it from 4 thousand to 10000 taka. In the booking, an army officer's officer's reference must be required. There is no rule of booking without reference to the Nilgiri Resort.

There are numerous resorts, hotels, motel and rest over in Bandarban. Where you can play at 600 to 3000 thousand taka. Holiday Resort: In contrast to the cloudy tourism complex, Holiday in Holidays on the top of the small hills. There are many small cottage here.

Hillside Resort: Milnichhari located in 5 kilometers of Bandarban-Chimbuk road. Here is a well-arranged of the night in the advanced environment. Hotel Four Star: Hotel forester in Bandarban city. Here is the two types of AC and non AC rooms. Television is in each room in the hotel. Hotel Three Star: It is located next to Bandarban bus stop. Silgiri car is without this hotel in front of. It may have 8/10 a flat of 4 beds. Every non AC Flat-2500 Taka, AC-3000 Taka. Booking Phone: Three Star and Four Star Hotel Owner, Manik Chowdhury, Hotel River View: Hotel River View has been developed in the natural environment of the Sangu River in the district city. There are also own restaurants.

How to go?

How to go to Nilgiri

You will first go to the city of Bandarban. Some transport companies leave the car for Bandarban daily from different places of Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban, such as Shyamley, Hanif, Unique, S. Alam, a bus of Dolphin. These buses left behind Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at around 10:30 pm or at around 11:30 pm. Non AC bus runs every 550 taka per house. AC bus takes 950 taka. You also can go from Chittagong to Bandarban. Bandaraban from Bandarhat to Bandaraban and the buses of Pubali and Prevention. These buses were rented for 220 taka. In order to go to Nilgiri of tourists, Bandarban District SadarRuma Zipper can go to Nilgiri Tourism Center by the Bushagir Jeep or bus. Bandarban Jeep Station is available from jeep, land rover, land cruiser and other light cars. On the way to Nilgiri, the name and address of tourists in the army checkpoint should be recorded. Usually from Bandarban district headquarters, no car is allowed to go to Nilgiri after 5pm.

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